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ಪೋಸ್ಟಲ್ ಆರ್ಡರ್ ತೆಗೆದುಕೊಳ್ಳಲು ನಿರಾಕರಿಸಿದ್ದಕ್ಕೆ ಚೀಮಾರಿ

Shri D S Negi of Dwarka, went to the office of the Chief Engineer (Dwarka Project) to file an RTI application in connection with a water crisis.

The appellant was directed to meet the EA to Chief Engineer.

The EA signed the application and marked it to PIO, SE (HQ) of the Organisation.

The PIO asked the appellant to submit an amount of Rs. 10/- in cash, as the IPO
will not be acceptable because of an accounting problem.

The application was then marked to Sr. AO.

He in turn marked it to the Accountant and then to the Receipt Clerk.

The receipt Clerk simply refused to accept the application and
asked applicant to bring a photocopy of the receipt for Rs. 10/- to be
attached with the application as proof of payment of the requisite fee.

The process therefore took nearly 3 ½ hrs to simply file an RTI application. CIC expressed deep concern over the careless attitude in receiving an application under RTI and directed to make easily accessible arrangements for receiving RTIapplications over one window or centralized counter. Complaint No. CIC/WB/C/2006/00178 -14.11.2006

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